Eco-friendly Packaging Changes Your Life for the Better

The world is full of different materials that affect the environment in a wide variety of ways. Unfortunately, many of them have negative effects on the world that you live in. One of the biggest problems associated with individual use these days are plastic bags used for disposing of garbage and package and other products […]

Biodegradable Garbage Bags – 5 Benefits You Shouldn’t Miss

When you want to throw out kitchen scraps after cooking a hearty meal for your family, you may just head for the garbage can and use a plastic bag liner. This takes care of the problem of trash lying around and smelling unpleasant, but it comes with a long list of negative results. Anyone who […]

Choose the Best Kitchen Waste Bags in Canada

Shopping for kitchen garbage bags usually involves heading to the store and grabbing whatever package of plastic bags is on sale. You may be loyal to a brand, but the time has come for you to think about if your choice makes sense for you and the earth. The best food waste bags in Canada […]

Try the Top Compostable Garbage Bags in Canada

When it comes to compost bags in Canada, it takes more than claims of green materials to convince consumers that the product really works. So many problems are associated with single-use plastic garbage bags, and people everywhere seek out alternatives. Even traditional paper bags get poor marks when it comes to their ability to biodegrade […]

Degradable Plastics Popular Science Knowledge Series

What are biodegradable materials? Biodegradable materials include biodegradable natural polymer materials such as cellulose, starch, paper, etc., as well as biodegradable plastics obtained by biosynthesis or chemical synthesis. Biodegradable plastic refers to degradation caused by the action of microorganisms in nature under natural conditions such as soil and/or sand, and/or specific conditions such as composting […]

Hytrend investments group ltd.

Main business:Research & Development and production of biodegradable resins, bags, PLA non woven fabric, PLA fiber,  PLA tableware, PLA straw,  agricultural products, etc., together with related technical service. ▪Capacity:30,000 tons biodegradable products annually ▪Equipments:  25 film blowing machines, 35 bag making machines ▪Plant area:40,000 square meters Biodegradable plastic products are final products which mainly uses 100% biodegradable […]