Our mission

We have a common home, that is our global village, green mountains and green waters, our mission: to make our home cleaner, to make our children and grandchildren happier, to protect our home and our planet. The earth is our lifetime mission.

Our values

Continuous exploration and research have found that the sustainable development goals that can protect the earth can be solved, more materials that pollute the environment in our lives, and more compostable solutions are developed to protect the earth. Sustainable compostable solutions are constantly being practiced.


Compared with other brands, our product has premium quality, competitive price, and more enhanced functional features.

We also applied for the patent (#3105927) for the paper bag outlook, design, and manufacturing method.We’re confident that our product will be the best choice for you.
Certified by (for both raw materials and finalized product):– Bureau Veritas – certified FSC 100%, FSC Mix and FSC Recycled.
DIN – DIN EN 13432:2000-12; ASTM D 6500:2012-01

– Biodegradable Products Institute(BPI) #10529080

– Standard ASTM D6400, Licensing & Certification Program for Compostable Products.

OK compost – Industrially Compostable Products, Home Compostable Products.

BNQ: Certified BNQ formulation 3810BNQ210218

Product Name: 100% Compostable paper bag for kitchen organic waste
1.Premium quality and enhanced design
2.Stronger and leak-proof
3.Enhanced sealed bottom design for more weight loading capacity
4.Liner sticks firmly, no shrink, no wrinkle, no detach


Dimensions: 12H x 7.5W x 4D inch
Package Spec: available at 10 or 30 bags/Pack